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For people who are tired of fast food and junk and that want something healthy.

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Eric & Sunny- Sunrider Distributors

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Our Healthy Fast Food Store, featuring Sunrider Products,

is for people who are tired of fast food and junk and want to replace it with

a daily dose of nutrition, like we did.


We're living in a fast food environment, a junk food nation.

The damage to our bodies is more apparant than ever. Fatigue, weight gain, depression, sickness. We all know it. We're all paying for it. Even health nuts are giving into convenience and addiction.


To amp up our nutrition daily, we started small with just a couple of products:



Nuplus -

for people who worry that they're eating too much fast food and not enough

fruits &   veggies, like I used to. It's 14 fruits and veggies in powdered form

that you mix with    juice to make a shake for a daily dose of nutrition.






Fortune Delight Tea -

 an herbal tea for when you're on the go that assists your body's natural cleansing

 process, making it a great drink when you're trying to lose weight.



And another favorite product of ours...



 Sunbreeze Oil  -

 an Essential Oil for people with achy shoulder and neck muscles,

who want something for natural pain relief.



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